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The terms and conditions of use of the site

comply with international online commerce legislation and agreement with them is a mandatory condition prior to the purchase of an accommodation and food reservation.

These terms and conditions, subject to correction, apply directly or indirectly through to all our services. You can meet them online, via mobile devices, on-site, by email or by phone. By accessing, browsing and using our website, regardless of platform (hereinafter referred to as the “website”), you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out below, including the privacy statement.

These pages and their content, as well as the online accommodation and dining reservation service provided on them (“service”), are owned and operated by BSA OOD (hereinafter referred to as “Palma” hotel)

1. Scope of offered services

By means of this website, we at BSA OOD and in particular Hotel Palma, KK Sunny Beach – Burgas provide an online platform through which we advertise our services and through which website visitors can make reservations. By making a reservation through, you enter into direct contractual relations according to the current Bulgarian legislation with the Palma Hotel, representing the place of accommodation.

Hotel “Palma” is fully responsible for updating all prices, number of available rooms and any other information posted on our website.

Our services are available for personal and non-commercial use, therefore you as users do not have the right to: – resell the service to the “hotel”; – to create deep-link (“deep link” – placing links to subpages of the site, not only to its title page); – to copy, monitor (e.g. using spying or information tracking programs, so-called spider and scrape programs), host, download or reproduce any information, text, software, products or services, offered and made available on our website, for any commercial or competitive actions or purposes.

The joint presence of a reservation by the client, a written confirmation by the hotel “Palma” and a document confirming payment by the client constitute a valid contract between the parties with all the resulting rights and obligations for them, recorded in these general terms and conditions . The absence of a separate signature of the customer on these conditions does not remove his responsibility for their implementation.

2. Pricing and Best Price Guarantee
Prices on our site are subject to competition. All prices published on the site are inclusive of VAT, insurance, as well as all other fees and taxes and may change depending on changes in the current tax legislation and internal regulations of the hotel management, unless otherwise indicated on our website or in the booking confirmation email.

In some cases, lower prices for certain types of accommodation and meals are shown on the hotel’s website. However, for these rates determined by the hotel, special restrictions and conditions may apply related to the period of their validity, the possibility of canceling the reservation or regarding the methods of refunding the value of the reservation. We remind you to carefully check the room description and the corresponding price for such restrictions and conditions before booking.

The currency calculator is for informational purposes only, and actual prices may vary.

Obvious errors on the Palma Hotel website, including typos, are not binding.

Note that all special offers are specially marked.
3. Confidentiality

Through the website, Hotel “Palma” respects your personal space. We advise you to read our privacy statements for more information.

4. Billing
Hotel “Palma” declares that there are no additional, reservation or other hidden fees added to the room price. “Palma” hotel does not charge your personal credit/debit card.

Credit card /bank transfer with credit card/
Palma Hotel requires your credit/debit card details to guarantee your reservation. “Palma” hotel withdraws the amount of the required deposit from the provided credit/debit card, for which “Palma” hotel will issue a payment document.

SSL/HTTPS encryption technology is used to protect and encode the information from the card when you send it to the Bank (FIB) (a sure proof of this is the yellow “padlock” in the address field of the browser, indicating a secure encrypted connection).

Accepted cards are Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. The used virtual POS terminal is certified by VISA 3D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode.

We recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the rules and deadlines for cancellation, the possibility of refunds, p

ready to make a reservation and complete the payment. We inform you that sometimes the transaction you made is non-refundable.

We recommend that you check the room description carefully for such conditions and restrictions before making a reservation.

By making a reservation, you accept and agree to Palma Hotel’s cancellation and no-show policy, as well as any additional terms of service and check-in policies that may apply to your reservation or until the time of your stay. Free cancellation and full refund of transferred funds – up to 7 calendar days before check-in, excluding the check-in date; In case of late cancellation, made within 7 days before the check-in date – the first night’s stay is charged as a penalty; No-Show (cancellation on the day of check-in or non-arrival) – the first and second nights are charged; Cancellation for special offers and conditions – are explicitly stated in the offer Cancellation for package offers: Free cancellation – up to 24 hours before the date of check-in; In case of late cancellation – cancellation later than one day before the check-in date – the first night is charged as a penalty; No-Show (cancellation on the day of check-in or non-arrival) – the first and second nights are charged;

The rules for final cancellation or in cases of no-show or modification of the hotel reservation are also available on the website of the hotel “Palma” – on the page with information about the relevant type of accommodation, and are displayed in the confirmation email. We recommend that you note that certain prices or special offers may not be subject to cancellation or change, so please read the conditions carefully before making a reservation.

If you wish to review, correct or cancel your booking, please use the confirmation email you received and follow the instructions in it. Please note that a cancellation fee may be charged for your reservation in accordance with the property’s cancellation or no-show policy. We recommend that you read these policies carefully before making a reservation.

7. Additional Correspondence
By making and completing a reservation, you agree to receive an email. The email contains information about the hotel, your personal reservation code, information about your reserved service, as well as information about cancellation, modification and review of the reservation in our website system. You also agree to receive an email, which we will endeavor to send to you immediately after your stay, inviting you to complete our guest rating form. We encourage you to read our privacy statement for more information about how we may contact you.

8. Limited Liability
According to the limitations set out in these terms and conditions and according to the law, hotel “Palma” is only responsible for direct damages – incurred, paid or for which liability is claimed from you, as a result of non-fulfillment of obligations by hotel “Palma” in connection with the services offered on the website, up to the amount of the total amount of your reservation, as indicated in the confirmation email.

However, neither Hotel “Palma” nor any of the employees, directors, representatives, or other persons involved in the creation, sponsoring, promotion or in other words engaged in the presentation of the site and its content, bears liability for: – any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damages, – any inaccuracy, – any (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or expenses incurred by you for which you are claimed liable, or you have paid, incurred as a result of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website; – no (personal) injury, death, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or expenses suffered or claimed or paid by you, whether due to acts, errors, breach of obligations, default, willful crime, omissions, misrepresentations, violation of law or failure to fulfill direct obligations (in whole or in part) by the bank’s virtual POS terminal (its employees, directors, agents, representatives or distribution companies); including for any (even partial) force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

The software necessary to perform the services of Hotel “Palma” and available for use on our website, as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyright) to the content and information or to the material on our website, are the property of BS Ai Ltd. unless otherwise stated.


D owns all rights to the content (including all intellectual property rights) of the interface (including the infrastructure) of the website on which the service is provided (including guest ratings and translation of the content) and You have no right to copy, ( hyper -/deep ) link, post, promote, sell, integrate and exploit in any way the content or our brand without our express written permission.

10. Miscellaneous
These terms and conditions and the provision of our services are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian legislation and all disputes arising from these general terms and conditions and our services should refer only and exclusively to the competent courts on the territory of Bulgaria.

The original Bulgarian version of these terms and conditions has been translated into other languages. The translated version is an expression of goodwill and is only an office translation, which has no legal value. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions, or inconsistencies and differences between the Bulgarian version and the version of these terms and conditions in any other language, the Bulgarian shall apply.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is (or becomes) invalid, unenforceable or unenforceable, you will continue to be bound by all other provisions. In such event, the invalid provision shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law, and you agree to give similar effect to the invalid, unenforceable or unenforceable provision, having regard to the content and purposes of these terms and conditions.

1. Rights and obligations of Hotel “Palma”
1.1. Hotel “Palma” undertakes to accept legitimate payments with all bank cards bearing trademarks of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BORICA, etc. 1.2. Hotel “Palma” through the authorization system of Borika-Bankservice AD (BOBS), has the right to refuse to accept payment by bank card in case of: 1) Invalidity of the bank card; 2) Impossibility of obtaining confirmation of the operation; 3) Doubt about the legality of the operation; 4) Unsuccessful identification (authentication) of the cardholder for payment at a virtual POS terminal; 2.3. “Palma” hotel undertakes to reimburse the sums paid by the USER on the card, in case of non-delivery of the ordered services, or in violation of the General Terms and Conditions of the purchase of reservation of accommodation and meals. 2.4. “Palma” hotel undertakes to obtain the express and unconditional consent of the USER that the latter has familiarized himself with and accepts these General Terms and Conditions, before and as a condition for the payment of the order to be accepted for processing. 2.5. “Palma” hotel undertakes not to impose requirements on the USER regarding the minimum amount for the purchase of services, or other such, as a condition for payment by bank card. 2.6. “Palma” hotel undertakes not to charge additional fees and commissions to the prices of the services at the time of purchase, depending on the method of payment. 2.7. “Palma” hotel has the right to demand a reservation fee, service fee, seasonal fees, etc. which are announced during the booking process.

2. Rights and obligations of the USER
2.1. The USER has the right to choose payment by bank card, subject to the agreement of the present “General Terms and Conditions” and the General Terms and Conditions of the purchase of reservation of accommodation and meals. 3.2. The USER has the right to refuse a reservation paid by bank card. 3.3. In the case under item 3.2. the amount is refunded to the same card with which the reservation was paid. 3.4. The amount will be refunded within 10 /ten/ working days from the cancellation request. 3.5. The refunded amount is in the amount of the amount paid minus the penalties, according to the General Terms and Conditions of the purchase of the reservation of accommodation and meals.

3. Chronological and technological sequence when paying with bank cards:
3.1. Choice of accommodation and food service and period of its provision; 3.2. Entering the data of the person/persons who will use the service;

3.3. Sending a booking/payment request with bank cards, for which you must provide your details;

4.4. Payment by bank card

3.5. Booking confirmation;

In the case of cancellation of a reservation paid by bank card, all costs of refunding the amount are at the expense of the USER, including costs of disputes, disputes and others.
4.1. Hotel “Palma” expressly observes the condition of confidentiality. 4.2. Exception under item 4.1. is allowed only upon official request from the competent authorities in Bulgaria and the EU, in accordance with the relevant legislation. 4.3. In the case of a version of the «General Terms» in another language, the Bulgarian version is authoritative. All other language versions are strictly informative in nature.


What are cookies?
To improve your user experience on

and to offer high quality services,

we store on your device small text data files called “cookies”. They do not serve to process your personal data, but allow us to save your actions and preferences (such as, language, font size and other settings for displaying the content of the site) for a certain period of time. In this way, we make it easier for you on subsequent visits to the site, and you do not have to enter similar settings each time, which are also saved when switching from one page to another

Why do we use cookies?
“Cookies” cannot be used to process personal data, as they do not contain information to identify the user. The data collected by cookies is statistical and relates to the better functioning of the site.

“Cookies” do not contain a virus and are completely safe, as they cannot affect the operation or configuration of your computer.

Hotel Palma strictly adheres to the new requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and the law of the European Union regarding the processing and storage of personal data and implements the policy in accordance with them.

Browser cookie control
If you wish, you can also use your browser settings to delete and/or prevent the receipt of cookies from specific or all sites. You can learn more about this at Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect the functionality of our site and therefore your user experience on it.

If you would like to receive additional information about the protection of your personal data, you can find it on the site or contact us.

Security and protection of personal data / Confidentiality and protection of personal data

BSA OOD, abbreviated as “Palma” hotel, uses electronic methods to process personal data in order to ensure accurate and fast provision of its services and assistance to its customers. The processing of your personal data provided to Hotel Palma is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection, and the protection and security of personal data are particularly important in the operation of Hotel “Palma”. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policy of “Palma” hotel for the protection of personal data of customers.

Protection of personal data in hotel “Palma”
Hotel “Palma” respects your privacy. The collection, storage, use and processing of personal data is carried out only within the framework of what is necessary to carry out the activities of the hotel “Palma” in compliance with the applicable national legislation.

Your data is only processed with your consent for the purpose of securing and expanding our commercial relationship, namely to be able to provide you with information about our products and services and to enable you to participate in our prize games. We will ask for such consent when registering an account on our site, as well as before sending each individual booking, by means of an explicit confirmation that you accept our General Terms and Conditions, an integral part of which is the policy on the processing and provision of personal data.

The only cases in which we provide personal data to third party data processors are those that are legally defined. We recommend that in case of questions or suggestions in connection with our personal data protection policy, you contact Hotel “Palma” at the coordinates indicated on the website.

Regardless of the above, you also have the right to contact the Palma hotel in writing at any time, verifying your identity, in order to receive information about whether the Palma hotel stores and processes your personal data, what they are, where they come from received, for what purposes they are used, to whom they are provided or may be provided, and accordingly request that they be corrected or deleted. Our goal is to ensure the maximum degree of security and protection of your personal data.

Hotel “Palma” implements technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the personal data you have provided from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, illegal access, modification or distribution, as well as from other illegal forms of processing by unauthorized persons. The security measures we apply are subject to constant improvement and synchronization with modern technologies.

Use of your data
Hotel “Palma” collects and processes specific data. This information is needed for the purpose of providing the services, answering your inquiries, assisting you with technical problems or, if you wish, to contact us. For the above activities, you may be required to provide the following data: name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

Your data will be treated confidentially and stored and used solely for general

the purposes described below, or for other purposes in accordance with applicable laws: – Processing of your reservations; – Communicating with you in response to your inquiries submitted through our electronic contact form; – Administer your participation in our prize games; – Provision of information about the services of the “Palma” hotel by sending commercial messages in the form of electronic newsletters

When does “Palma” hotel provide your personal data?
Your data may be provided only to the bodies of the state and municipal administration, carrying out control of the activity carried out by the “Palma” hotel, as well as to organizations and institutions processing personal data, according to the current legislation. Hotel “Palma” guarantees that the relevant information will be used only after receiving your express consent regarding the processing carried out on behalf of Hotel “Palma”, and that this information will be treated as confidential. We will ask for such consent when registering an account on our site, as well as before submitting each individual booking, by means of an explicit confirmation that you accept our Terms and Conditions.

The information that Hotel “Palma” can provide to the partners listed above is: email address, phone number, address, date of birth and three names. The provision of this information is only and only for the purpose of performing the services / reservations / and the payment for them and for the purposes of direct marketing from the hotel “Palma”.

Hotel “Palma” may disclose and provide your personal information in accordance with the applicable law, if a court or administrative authority orders or requires this, or if the provision of personal data is related to the fulfillment of a legal obligation of Hotel “Palma”. Hotel “Palma” may provide your personal data to third parties, insofar as this is permitted by the applicable law, provided that you have consented to such provision.

We hereby inform you that you have the right to object to and/or refuse the use of your personal data in the manner described above, as well as their provision to third parties. Objection and/or refusal can be made by notification of your wish in free text to the e-mail specified on the site. You have the right to access your personal data at any time and to make changes to them. Hotel “Palma” guarantees that the provided information will be used only and only in the event of your express consent to the processing of the specified data by Hotel “Palma”, as well as that the information in question will be treated as confidential.

Internet, e-newsletters, e-mail notifications, inquiries

If you wish, we will send you in the form of an electronic newsletter information about the services and campaigns of the “Palma” hotel or we will direct your attention to special offers that may be of interest to you. If you are no longer interested in receiving such information from us, you can unsubscribe from receiving the e-newsletter at any time.

How do we protect your personal data?
If you request a subscription to our e-newsletter, your personal data is sent to us. To protect them from unauthorized access, we encrypt them using secure data transfer technology SSL (SecureSocketsLayer), which is currently the most commonly used and most secure method of data transfer on the Internet. However, we do not carry liability for damages resulting from typographical and other technical errors, lost or damaged data records during data transmission, related to network, hardware or software problems or as a result of unauthorized access to our database despite security measures in place.

Rights and feedback Your rights
In accordance with the applicable legal requirements for the protection of personal data, you have the right of access in relation to your personal data that is processed by us. Upon your written request and within 14 days, we will provide you with information regarding the type and source of your personal data being processed, the purpose of their processing, as well as their possible recipients. In the event that the processing of your application requires more time, we may extend the response period up to 30 days, in which case we will promptly notify you of this. The written application can be sent personally by you or by a person authorized with a notarized power of attorney to the addresses below, electronically – signed with a qualified electronic signature or by mail. When sending your application by post, it is necessary to have the signature notarized, which will allow us to confirm your identity and protect your personal data from unauthorized access by third parties. Based on a written request and within 14 days of receiving it, we will correct, delete and/or block any of your personal information so that it is impossible

its further processing, in case this information turns out to be factually incorrect, incomplete or if it turns out that its processing does not meet the requirements of the law.

You have the right to object to and withdraw at any time your consent to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, and to be notified before your personal data is first disclosed to third parties or used by them name for such purposes, in which case you may also object to such disclosure or use. At the moment, Hotel “Palma” does not plan such disclosure of personal data.

Declaration of responsibility
Our offers contain or may contain links (electronic references) to Internet pages of third parties, over the content of which our company has no control. Consequently, we are not responsible for content provided by such third parties. Only the administrator or owner of the relevant Internet page is responsible for its content or layout. However, as soon as Palma Hotel receives information about illegal activities or illegal information on such Internet pages, Palma Hotel will take immediate measures to remove the electronic references (links) to them.

Changes to the privacy policy
Hotel Palma’s personal data protection rules can be changed unilaterally by Hotel Palma in order to improve them, offer new services, changes in the way of service and communication with our customers, as well as in connection with legislative changes. When making changes to the present rules for the protection of personal data, Hotel “Palma” will inform you of the changes made by publishing them on its website and provide you with a reasonable period to familiarize yourself with them, after which they will begin to apply from Palma hotel when processing your personal data. If you do not declare that you accept the changes within this period, it will be considered that you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of your personal data and Hotel “Palma” will stop processing them for the future. This may also be related to the termination of your registrations for our games, services, e-newsletters and the like, for the purposes of which you originally provided us with your personal data.

Complaints / Mediation
As of 15.2.2016, the European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court mediation, the purpose of which is to enable users to resolve out-of-court disputes regarding orders made online. The out-of-court dispute resolution platform is available at the following address: